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When a bridge fails - dental implants can help

Written by Will Murphy, 21st August, 2013

Many patients arrive at the practice in distress carrying a dental bridge in their hands. A dental bridge is where a false tooth (or teeth) is held in place joined to crowns on either side of the gap. A bit like a bridge that you drive your car over. Like crowns however, some supporting teeth can fail and then what can you do? You can make the bridge longer but do you really want to cut up the next tooth along and ask it carry the extra weight?

No, neither would I!

By placing a dental implant into the space(s), you can think of it as replacing the missing roots of teeth and within weeks you can be biting on sturdy teeth again with confidence. The great benefit of all this is that the teeth can remain independent from each other so if a natural tooth fails you don't have the loss of two, three or four teeth that were supported on the bridge.

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