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How to Keep Healthy Teeth Whilst On Holiday This Summer

Written by Will Murphy, 11th August, 2016

Summer holidays are the perfect time to get away, have some fun and maybe indulge a little too. However, indulging too much in sugary foods and drink without taking proper care of our teeth, can lead to problems such as cavities, erosion and rotting. We think it is important to get the balance right between enjoying yourself and looking after your teeth, which is why weíve come up with 5 top tips that will help to keep your teeth healthy whilst on holiday this summer.



1. Drink through a straw

The hot summer weather tends to make us crave refreshing, sweet or sugary drinks which have a damaging effect on our teeth. Opting for sugar-free alternatives is a great way of being able to enjoy tooth-friendly drinks, however, we understand that finding these whilst on holiday isnít always possible. In those cases, drinking through a straw could help to minimise the amount of time your teeth are exposed to sweet or sugary drinks, which will have a less damaging effect. Although it does not protect your teeth entirely from the acidity and sugar found in sweet drinks, it is still a much better option for your teeth than sipping them directly.


2. Keep your brushing routine

Holidays are the one time we are able to let go of our daily routines and simply have a nice, stress-free time away. The one thing that you canít neglect however is your oral health routine! Make sure you continue to brush at least twice a day and floss in between your teeth once a day. If you have eaten something particularly sugary, wait 30 minutes before brushing your teeth to avoid damaging the tooth enamel. Pack a travel-sized toothbrush and floss kit before you leave, so that you are able to carry them with you at all times and be prepared to give your teeth top-quality care.


3. Drink lots of water

There are many advantages to drinking water whilst on holiday. Aside from the obvious, like staying hydrated whilst in the heat and keeping your skin healthy, drinking water is actually also very beneficial for your teeth. Having a glass of water after each meal or snack can help to wash away leftover food and bacteria. This therefore keeps your mouth much cleaner in between brushing and can help to prevent cavities in your teeth too.


4. Donít go too crazy on sugary snacks

We know that you are on holiday to enjoy yourself, but donít go too over the top on the sugary snacks! Whilst it is okay to indulge a little, going overboard can leave you with serious future problems with your teeth. Try to be sensible with the number of sugary foods and drinks that you are consuming and always look for sugar-free options. Fruit and vegetables are a great summertime snack, and also contain minerals which help to keep our teeth healthy.


5. Visit your dentist before you go

Your dentist will be able to spot any issues with your teeth before you can, so make sure you book an appointment before you leave for your holiday. Not only will it help to either put your mind at rest or allow you to receive any required treatment before you go, but it will also reduce your risk of dental problems whilst you are away.

Make sure that nothing ruins your holiday this summer Ė especially not problems with your teeth! Simply follow our top oral care guidelines for a happy, healthy time away.


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