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Dental Implants - What to Expect

Dental implants: What to expect

Nervous about your visit? Find out what to expect on your visit to Will Murphy Dental Implants


Consultation with no further investigation. You will have a 30 minute consulation with Dr Will Murphy. He will listen to your needs and give you an idea of what is possible in terms of Dental Implant Treatment, and talk through the dental implant proceedure. It may be that this is all you require and your fee for this visit will be £49.50.


Consultation with models, x-rays and written treatment plan. It may be that you would like Dr Murphy to investigate your case further with models and routine x-rays. A second appointment would be made to review his findings and present you with a written, itemised treatment plan. The fee for this would be between £150 and £250 depending on the number of teeth that require restring.

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After Consultation:

If you decide that you are happy to proceed with dental implants we shall book your appointment at out Birmingham dental implants centre. Following implant placement we will need to see you one week later check that everything is okay and that you are comfortable.

A brief review appointment will be made four weeks later.

A further appointment will be made four weeks after this where we will discuss how we or your own dentist are going to provide you with your new teeth.

Constructing new teeth is just like making traditional crowns, dentures or bridges. Impressions are taken and sent to a technician so that your new custom made teeth can be constructed.

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Dr. Will Murphy

Learn more about Dr. Will Murphy, one of very few sugeons to hold the Diploma in Implant Dentistry and Advanced Bone Grafting Cetificate from the Royal College of Surgeons.

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The procedure

A Dental implant replaces the root portion of your tooth and provide a stable foundation for a crown or bridge.

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