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Dental implants Stratford-Upon-Avon

One of the UK’s leading dental implant centres, within touching distance of Stratford-Upon-Avon

If you would like the smile you have always wanted, then you may think you need to travel a long way to access top treatment. But, top quality treatment for dental implants near Stratford-Upon-Avon is just under an hour away. Will Murphy, is one of the UK’s leading dental implant surgeons. His treatment centre is easily accessible from Stratford-Upon-Avon via a 50-minute train or car journey. For directions and parking information about the treatment centre, which is located very near to Birmingham New Street Station, visit here.


Dental implants Stratford-Upon-Avon: Look and feel smiles better

Having to wear dentures and suffering tooth loss can cause facial distortion as well as having a negative impact on your confidence and quality of life. Hard and sticky foods such as steak, crusty bread, toffee, apples and carrots may have to be avoided due to the difficulty you have chewing. Dental implants are a permanent solution to tooth loss and can also make you feel proud to show off your teeth again with a brighter, whiter smile.


The treatment process

Posts made from Titanium, one of the world’s strongest metals, are fixed to your jaw, following a brief surgical procedure. The bone and your body tissue fuses around the titanium posts providing a firm foundation for the crown which is made especially for you. A temporary crown is placed so you can carry on with normal life whilst the gum around the titanium implants heals following the first phase of treatment.

Dental implants are like having your real teeth back in mint condition helping you to look amazing and feel great. If you are looking for dental implants near Stratford-Upon-Avon, then click here to find out more.


Dentist in Stratford-Upon-Avon? How you can offer dental implants to your patients

If you are a dentist in Stratford-Upon-Avon, then you can broaden the range of treatment and care you offer to your patients by referring dental implant surgical procedures to one of the best in the country - Will Murphy. The referral process is flexible and easy and we work with GDPs to offer a service they and their patients are happy with. Your patients return to your practice following completion of dental implant treatment. Find out more about our referrals here.


Cosmetic Dentistry close to Stratford-Upon-Avon

Will Murphy, has a wide range of cosmetic treatment on offer to help you feel amazing and achieve your dream smile. For more information please read on or click here.



You can transform the shape and colour of your teeth dramatically with veneers. Small, thin porcelain layers, veneers are used
to help repair chips in teeth, straighten them if they are crooked as well as closing any gaps between them.


Brighten up your teeth with white fillings, inlays and onlays

Placed inside the tooth, inlays are an effective way to treat cavities, improving the colour and shade of your tooth. Onlays are
equally beneficial, only they are placed on top of the tooth. White fillings can also help give you a whiter smile and following
treatment, it is virtually impossible to tell that you have had any work done.


Dental crowns

Weak teeth can often be saved thanks to dental crowns. Once the tooth has been filed down, a porcelain cap or crown is
placed over the top of it. The tooth’s colour and shape is enhanced as well as your ability to use it to eat.


Straighter teeth

We can offer you a range of clear, invisible, discreet braces and aligners, some of which can help you get straighter teeth within
a matter of weeks.


Whiter teeth

Our home teeth whitening kits are very popular, helping you to have whiter teeth within just a few weeks. For even
faster results, laser whitening treatment is available.



Spread the cost of dental implants
and pay no interest ever!

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Do you have missing teeth,
loose dentures or failing
crowns? Do you worry about
having to wear dentures? Do
you suffer pain from teeth or
poorly fitting dentures? Dental
implants offer a solution to all
these problems.

Dr Will Murphy

Dental Implant Benefits

  • Dental implants feel so natural, just like
    your own teeth
  • Dental implants look like your real teeth.
  • Dental implants work like real teeth
    (not like Dentures)
  • Dental implants are a permanent
    solution to missing teeth
  • Better dental hygiene compared with
    dentures or bridges
  • Dental implants allow you to eat the foods you love without discomfort.