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Dental Implants Procedure


Dental implants

Fitting dental implants

A dental implant, made from titanium, is fixed securely into a pre-drilled hole inyour jaw bone. This involves a small invasive procedure. Most patients choose sedation although the procedure can also be carried out under local anaesthesetic.

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dental implants procedure
dental implants procedure 2

A natural healing process

Over a period of a few weeks a natural healing process fuses the jawbone and titanium implant together and creates a stable foundation for your new teeth. During this time the patient is given replacement teeth such as bridges or dentures. The replacement teeth are then fitted securely onto the dental implant. With your new teeth fitted you can get on with life with confidence.

Single and Multiple Tooth Replacement

Dental implants are recommended for replacing single missing teeth right up to complete tooth restoration in the upper and lower jaws.

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98% of people said they were more confident after having their dental implant treatments.

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94% of clients would recommend dental implants to a friend.

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"I would say anybody with doubts about their teeth to come and see Will."

Chris Hines, dental implant patient

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Dr Will Murphy

Dr. Will Murphy

BDS MFGDP(UK), DipImpDent RCS (Eng)

Will Murphy graduated from Birmingham University in 1991 and has continued to practice in the city ever since.

He has been placing and restoring dental implants for over ten years and is one of only a few surgeons to hold the Diploma in Implant Dentistry and Advanced Bone Grafting Certificate from the Royal College of surgeons.

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