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Dental Implants in a clean environment

Written by Will Murphy, 21st August, 2013

A vital part of the success of dental implantology in my Birmingham clinic is to make sure that the treatment is carried out under sterile conditions.

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Just like a hospital theatre we clean down the surgery, drape the work tops and cover up with sterilized gowns. These basic but essential principles were laid down on the Implant Diploma course that I completed at the Royal College of Surgeons. The team and I have made these habits second nature and so it was rewarding to be able to demonstrate these techniques to my group of students at the last contact learning unit. In fact if Iím honest my nurse Julie Carter ended up doing most of the teaching. The benefit of having a great team is that they can do the important surgery preparation, which allows me to concentrate fully on providing the highest quality dental implant treatment. When considering dental implant treatment donít forget that the margin between success and failure can be just a few bacteria contaminating a surgical site by sloppy aseptic technique. This is where high standards of training and patient care come in.

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