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Dental Implants for Painful Dentures

Written by Will Murphy, 10th May, 2013

Do you have loose or painful dentures? You are not alone. However some people have decided that this is not their lot in life and come to see me in the specialist dental implant centre in Birmingham to see if we can help.

Generally yes we can. Dental implants can help denture wearers in a number of ways. Some patients decide that they no longer wish to wear dentures and want fixed teeth. We call these implant-supported bridges as they are fixed in place and cannot be taken out by the patient. These probably feel closest to how your teeth used to feel before they were lost. We may need 4,6 or 8 implants per jaw to hold the bridges in place.

For those who just want security and stability of their denture, we can place just 2 implants and some clips on the denture to hold it in securely. The dentures can still be taken out for cleaning but will still feel very comfortable and tight.

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