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Customer Testimonial

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Barbara & Eric Higgins Dental Implants Story - Birmingham

Eric had difficulty eating properly due to a gap in his teeth which was caused when an old bridge failed. Barbara was so pleased with the long term success of her dental implants that she recommended it as a permanent healthy solution. Eric had dental implant surgery at Will Murphy dental practice and was impressed with the patient care and delighted with the results.



Chris Hines Dental Implants Story - Birmingham

Chris' NHS dentist referred him to Will Murphy for cosmetic treatment. Chris had dental implants, crowns and veneers, which have both solved problems with grinding and improved the aesthetics of his smile. Chris is delighted with the results - "Its the best money I've ever implants feel just like my own teeth".



Ian Fawcett Dental Implants Story - Birmingham

Ian had problems with dentures and wanted his own teeth back. He was initially concerned about dental implant surgery but was surprised how pain free the treatment was. Ian was able to return to work the day after his dental implants.



Jayne Howe Dental Implants Story - Birmingham

Jayne was referred to Will Murphy for dental implants by her own dentist. She was prone to getting abcesses in the mouth due to weak gums, but the dental implant treatment has dramatically improved her oral health. Jayne is so pleased with her dental implants that she would recommend them to anyone.



Will Murphy - Benefits of Dental Implants

Will says outlines the benefits of dental implants. Many people have had problems for years with loose dentures, that have affected their confidence and stopped them eating out in public. By securing dental implants into the mouth these patients are able to eat, smile and kiss with confidence.