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Dental Implants Abroad. What can go wrong?

Written by Will Murphy, 21st August, 2013

If you are searching the web for cheap dental implants or cheap dental implants in Hungary you may be disappointed. However you may want to read on. Like all surgery there are risks, which should be fully explained to a patient before they begin dental implant treatment. At my implant facility in Birmingham, West Midlands every patient receives a letter outlining the benefits and risks of treatment.

I am very keen on the new 3D CT scans, which show me clearly where important nerves and structures are so that they can be avoided. I make sure that any issues are discussed with my patients so we know what risks are involved and how they can be minimized.

So if you are sitting in a surgery in Budapest and you decide the risks are too great or you get home to find that you have a stubborn infection that won't go away what can you do? No, I don't know either. All my dental implant patients in Birmingham get a business card with my mobile phone number and express instructions to call me personally if they have an issue. Just old fashioned professional responsibility and customer service.

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