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Dental Implant procedures

Written by Will Murphy, 24th March, 2015

I usually like to split up the procedure for dental implants into two or three phases depending upon the starting point. If you have had teeth missing for a number of months or years then after assessment you may be looking at two phases.

First phase will be the surgical phase. This is where the gums are made very numb and the implant is placed into the jawbone and covered over with gum. There may be a few stitches. The implant needs between 8-12 weeks to integrate into the bone. Think of it like a healing fracture.

The tooth can then be restored after this time with a crown, bridge or denture. This second phase will be similar to any crowns or denture procedures you may have had before. A putty mold is taken and sent to a lab where the technician can make up the new teeth. The beauty of dental implants is that the inner thread allows all sorts of attachments to be screwed in to hold your new teeth securely.

Hopefully no more loose dentures or failing bridges.

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