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Written by Will Murphy, 21st August, 2013

If you Google dental implants these days you may see some pretty impressive headline offers. I know I have had to double take and look into it as I couldn't really see how these practices could provide quality predictable dental implants at this price. Well not for more than a few weeks until the bank reigned them in and closed the front door. As I looked closer it all became apparent.

The headline offer was for the implant only and not the crown or anything else. You may have seen this advertising model with Ryanair (Fly to Europe for 99p) and by the time you actually get to checkout, all the other charges have been added on. So as I look closer at the cheapest dental implants in Birmingham model I see a different story. The table below of a fictitious practice shows how it works in principal and the final cost magically becomes about the same as mine. You know what they say: If it looks too good to be true, it probably is.

Cheapest Dental Implants in Birmingham Practice.

Consultation 100
X-rays and Plan 150
Dental Implant From 495?
Graft material 450
Abutment 200
Crown 950
Total 2345

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