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Dental Implants

Having a tooth missing is not only unsightly, it actually puts your surrounding teeth at risk of further problems. A dental implant can be shaped and coloured to match your existing teeth and is the only reliable solution to replace a missing tooth. To find out more about our dental implant treatments click here.

Implant fixed bridge

If you have multiple adjacent missing teeth it is possible to replace them with fewer dental implants by using an implant fixed bridge. Through this method it is possible to replace all of the upper and lower teeth in the mouth with two bridges fixed with four or more dental implants. This is a better solution for many people than a denture fixed with implants because unlike a denture the bridge is made of metal fused with porcelain teeth.  Find out more


Veneers are perfect for refining the shape and colour of your front teeth through the use of a thin layer of porcelain. Veneers can also be used to repair small gaps between the teeth or correct slightly crooked teeth to make them appear straighter. The porcelain can be matched to the exact shade of your surrounding teeth and veneers are also commonly used to repair chipped teeth.

Inlays / Onlays / White fillings

Most people will need to have one or more fillings within their lifetime. We can provide white fillings and onlays to ensure the filling closely matches the colour of your teeth. An inlay is where a cavity in the tooth is repaired whereas an onlay is where the filling extends over the cusps of the tooth.


A dental crown can be used to protect a weak tooth or restore the look and function of an existing tooth. A porcelain cap is placed over the top of a tooth that has been filed down in preparation. Crowns are a good option when the root of the tooth is in good health and you want to restore the look, colour and shape of your tooth without having to replace the whole tooth with an implant.

Straightening teeth / orthodontics

Orthodontic braces and aligners can be used to straighten crooked teeth over a period of time. We have various options including invisalign, one of the most discreet aligners available that consists of a series of clear gum shields that are almost invisible. We also offer behind the teeth braces that can be used to straighten the top and bottom front teeth.

Tooth Whitening

Tooth whitening treatments are our most popular cosmetic treatment because having white teeth drastically improves the appearance of your smile even if the shape and alignment of your teeth is not perfect. We offer a simple home kit that can give you a whiter smile within weeks. Alternatively we can provide a kick start laser whitening treatment which helps to achieve results quicker.


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