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Cheap Dental Implants - Is it it worth it?

Written by Will Murphy, 24th March, 2015

Over the last five years there has been huge growth in the demand for dental implants. As demand has increased more dental businesses have looked to come into the marketplace to capture some of the market share. As a result there has been a big rise in dental and medical tourism. The most common of these clinics have been set up abroad predominantly in eastern Europe. So is it possible to get cheap dental implants in Birmingham. Well, this depends upon how you look at it. If you think implants are a commodity and one implant is the same as another and one implantologist is the same as another you may be in for a costly shock if things go wrong. What can initially appear like great value for money can soon turn into a medical money pit if things don't turn out as planned.

Dental implants take between six to twelve weeks to fully integrate into the jaw bone. This is before a crown can be put on top. In our clinic in Birmingham we keep a close eye on all our patients and regularly inspect the implants before the teeth are fixed to them. Now unless you are going to stay in Budapest for twelve weeks, what do you do if an infection occurs or a healing screw comes loose? In fact there are dentists in the UK now making a healthy living removing badly placed dental implants.

Dental implants if placed correctly using recognized protocols can be extremely predictable and long lasting. My very first implant placed in 1998 looks as good now as it did back then. Dental implants are a form of treatment that people think long and hard about, they also realize that there is an investment to be made both in terms of time and finances. If possible you want to reach the end point of having fixed teeth that could last you a lifetime and that cannot just happen over a weekend in eastern Europe.

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