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7 Advantages of having Single Tooth Implants

Written by Will Murphy, 24th June, 2019

Have you been considering getting a single tooth dental implant but are unsure of the benefits it can provide? We discuss the long-term advantages a single tooth dental implant can have on your dental health, outlining 7 reasons why you may want to go ahead with treatment.

It is surprising how much a missing tooth can affect your confidence and self-esteem. Dental implants offer a permanent solution to tooth loss and can positively impact your wellbeing. In fact, 98% of people said they were more confident after having dental implant treatment and 94% would recommend dental implants to their friends.


7 advantages of having single tooth implants


1. Have the smile you always wanted

Dental implants look just like real teeth and can improve the aesthetics of your smile. A new improved smile can be a real boost to a patient’s confidence and enable them to laugh and smile without feeling embarrassed.


2. Eat with confidence

Because of missing teeth, some people will no longer eat out with friends or order certain foods because of the difficulty they have in chewing and the embarrassment this causes. Some people may even start to become more withdrawn and avoid certain social situations. Single tooth implants act as a direct replacement for real teeth, allowing you to eat and chew all your favourite foods without worry.


3. Restored pronunciation

Gaps caused by missing teeth can affect a person’s pronunciation, which in turn harms their confidence and self-esteem. Dental implants can resolve issues with pronunciation by making sure there are no gaps in your smile.


4. Maintain your face shape

Tooth loss can cause the jawbone underneath the missing tooth to shrink due to lack of stimulation from the tooth’s root. This impacts the shape of your face and causes you to appear older than you actually are. Because dental implants include a metal screw that is inserted into the jawbone, they prevent the bone from disintegrating, ensuring your face does not change shape.


5. Dental implants can protect your remaining teeth

A single tooth implant can help to protect the neighbouring teeth, improving your dental health. Without treatment, a gap in your smile can mean that the remaining teeth are more vulnerable to infections and disease.


6. Dental implants provide a longer-term solution than other tooth loss treatments

Unlike other tooth loss solutions, dental implants are the only permanent solution to tooth loss that can act as a direct replacement for real teeth. Whilst treatments such as dentures are often cheaper, they do not have the full functionality that real teeth do. Food can also easily get stuck behind them because they are not permanently fixed down, which can have possible repercussions on your dental health.


7. A relatively pain-free treatment option with long-term benefits

Most patients report little or no discomfort with a dental implant procedure, so there is nothing to fear when getting this treatment. In fact, many say that the long-term gain of a dental implant significantly outweighs any discomfort experienced throughout the process.

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