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5 Ways that Dental Implants Can Improve your Quality of Life

Written by Will Murphy, 24th June, 2019

Tooth loss can be a stressful factor in your life. It can affect your confidence, appearance and ability to chew and eat the foods you love. Dental implants are the only permanent solution to tooth loss and counteract some of the issues mentioned above. In this blog, we look at 5 ways in which dental implants can improve your quality of life.


5 ways that dental implants can improve your quality of life


1. Dental implants improve your appearance


Dental implants can significantly improve your appearance, whether you are missing teeth at the front or back of your mouth. Because implants look just like real teeth, they can be used to subtly fill gaps without anyone noticing it’s a replacement, giving you the smile you always wanted. Implants can also prevent facial distortion. When you are missing a tooth, the jawbone underneath where the tooth used to be can start to shrink due to lack of stimulation and your face can begin to change shape, making you appear older than you are. Because dental implants are inserted into the jawbone, following a small surgical procedure, it prevents the bone from shrinking, maintaining the natural shape of your face.


2. Dental implants improve your speech


Teeth play an important part in our speech. One or more missing teeth can cause our speech to sound slurred or cause a lisp. Dental implant treatment is just like having real teeth, so restores your pronunciation and clarity of speech.


3. Dental implants can last a lifetime


Dental implants are the only permanent solution to tooth loss. Because they are fixed permanently in place, all you need to do is brush them as you would your normal teeth. With proper care and good oral hygiene, just like your real teeth, they can last a lifetime.


4. Eat your favourite foods again


Missing teeth can make eating certain foods very difficult such as hard or chewy foods. You may struggle to chew or only use the one side of your mouth, putting lots of pressure on remaining teeth. This can cause further dental issues. Dental implants function just like real teeth, so you will have no issues with chewing. This means you can enjoy eating all your favourite foods without worry. Being able to eat what you like once more, may also help to improve your diet.


5. Better dental hygiene


Gaps in your teeth can make it difficult to clean remaining teeth properly, impacting your overall dental health. Missing teeth can also cause the remaining teeth to move out of position, making them more vulnerable to plaque build-up and decay and damage. Dental implants improve your dental hygiene by ensuring there are no gaps in your teeth.


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